Our body is like a credit card.


After being on-call for transmitter issues and managing a 24/7 business for a decade and a half, I’ve seen my new business as an opportunity to look after myself a little better.


You see, since I first started managing radio stations 15 years ago, I have stacked on an extra 16kg weight.


I gained this weight because of my sedentary lifestyle (only doing about 2,500 steps a day), because I was doing long hours (often up to 14 hrs a day), and because I would stress eat, or more accurately drink (Coke or coffee with 2 sugars).


The challenge is that when we are doing the hard yards it’s easy to say to ourselves “I’m working hard, I deserve a…<insert vice here>.”


In my case though, I had in the back of my mind the niggling thought that our bodies are like credit cards. Yep, we can draw down on some credit now but at some time in the future we’re going to have to pay it back with interest.


I’m aware that I have probably done some level of permanent damage to my body which I may not be able to fully recover from. There’s a good chance that my choices of the past 15 years may well mean I have diabetes later on in life.


With this in mind I’ve been visiting the gym most mornings since January. I do approx. 9,000 steps a day now, and have cut back my sugar intake.


So far I have lost 6kg and I’m on the way to getting my weight & health back under control and paying off my health debt.


Some apps that have helped me monitor my activity are the included iPhone app Apple Health, and another great app called My Fitness Pal which has helped me identify food I should and shouldn’t be eating.


How about you – are you living in credit or have you racked up a bit of a debt like me?