Do you like to collect information on your mobile device? I do. I am a big fan of Evernote, a note organising app, for this reason.

Another great way to collect information is by using an app call Office Lens.

I first downloaded Office Lens, in part by happy chance, when I was downloading all the Microsoft apps suggested within the Sunrise calendar app (another great app).

Office Lens can scan documents & whiteboards into your phone with ease. This is not a new concept – there have been apps similar to this for a couple of years now – but none quite as functional as this in my opinion.

The thing I love about this app is its ability to adjust perspective.

So I take a photo like this…

… and the app renders the image like this.


Pretty amazing hey.

The app exports to Word, PDF, OneNote, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Outlook or jpg.

The other really cool thing about this app is how it captures whiteboards…and as I’ve discovered, digital projector screens also. It increases the contrast on whiteboard scans so that it presents the data very clearly. The white is bright white and the whiteboard marker is very clear and crisp.

You can find the app on Google Play and iTunes store by clicking the links below.

ITunes Store

Google Play